The Sky @ Hillpark 2

The Sky @ HillPark 2 consists of three residential high-rise buildings that are connected by a long link bridge. Designed for the community, residents from different blocks will be able to meet one another on the high-level facility floor, which minimises travel distances between units and enhances neighbourly relations. By linking the three blocks together, this building can be seen as a distinctive whole instead of three separate high-rise buildings.

Since community living is at the heart of this project, it was designed to maximise shared facilities. These include a swimming pool, a wading pool, indoor and outdoor gyms, a barbeque area, a tennis court and an indoor badminton/basketball court. Interactive and energetic activities can be conducted at the podium level, while the link bridge overlooking Penang Island provides separate spaces for more relaxing activities such as a private reading area, a barefoot zone and a maze garden. Both the facilities at the podium and the link bridge complement each other to offer a holistic approach to community living. The development, along with the community mall next to it, can enhance lifestyle and add value to the surroundings.

Due to budget constraint, keeping construction cost low is a major challenge. Conventional construction methods are used but they will be tweaked for certain areas. For example, the use of shear walls with system formwork and lightweight blocks minimise the load on the building and makes the structural system efficient. Architectural finishes are carefully selected to reduce unnecessary increase in construction cost. The two major metal works are the link bridge and the winged roof. The support of these two components are carefully aligned and footed with the shear wall (structural support) to reduce the need for additional support. Materials and resources that will be used for the conventional construction system include brickwork; lightweight blocks; concrete shear walls; glass and aluminium works; cement plastering; skim coating; and porcelain tiles, all of which are locally available and sourced. In addition, skilled local contractors are also employed.

Project Name: The Sky @ HillPark 2
Location: Seberang Perai Tengah, Penang, Malaysia
Status: Under construction
Expected Completion: 2020
Site Area: 1,426 acres
Gross Floor Area: 724,868 square feet
Number of Rooms: 560
Building Height: 162.9 metres
Client/Owner: Sunrise Manner Sdn Bhd
Architecture Firm: aLM Architects
Principal Architect: Mei Chee Seong
Other Architect/Designer: Daniel Chong
Landscape Architect: Landart Design
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Perunding Perkhidmatan Utara
Civil & Structural Engineer: Lumbini Consultancy
Quantity Surveyor: GKG Konsultant Kos
Images/Photos: BIV3D Sdn Ghd; aLM Archtects وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد