Seah Chee Huang, CEO of DP Architects

With more than 18 years of experience under his belt, Seah Chee Huang, CEO of DP Architects, was one of the lead architects for the Singapore Sports Hub project, lead architect for Our Tampines Hub and Bukit Canberra – all large-scale integrated community, sports and lifestyle developments. Seah also heads DPA’s DesignGROUP, focusing on enhancing design competency office-wide while championing various CSR efforts in Singapore. An active member of the architecture community, Seah sits on the council of the Singapore Institute of Architects since 2010; he was elected as its president from 2018 to 2020, during which he led the development of the Industry Transformation Map for the architecture profession.

How have you been navigating through the changes brought about by the pandemic?

Like many of our built environment stakeholders and partners, we have been severely affected by the impact of the pandemic. One of the early but long-lasting changes in practice is behavioural. From telecommuting to staggered teams and virtual meetings, we continue to learn and adopt new ways to collaborate and operate effectively despite travel bans and safe distancing protocols. Another COVID-induced change is the unprecedented rate of digitalisation that has a long-term structural impact on our profession and the larger built environment value chain.

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