Ronan Collins


Civil and structural engineer Ronan Collins is committed to driving innovation and digital transformation in the local construction industry.

Graduating from University College Dublin in 1996, Collins began his career at Arup Ireland and transferred to the Arup Hong Kong office in late 2000. He started his own BIM consultancy business in 2003 and was involved in rail and airport infrastructure projects, along with an international school, hotels, casinos and retail developments. He was also involved in the drafting of the Construction Industry Council BIM Standards for Hong Kong, based on the UK’s PAS 1192 BIM Level 2 standards.

In 2016, he accompanied his wife, who is originally from Ipoh, and son to Malaysia, where he was hired by Aecom as BIM Manager for the underground section of the Klang Valley Mass Rail Transit (KVMRT) Line 2, in collaboration with MMC Gamuda.

Today, Collins is serving as Head of Project Information Management at Gamuda, where he supports the different teams working on BIM and data management across the various business units in the group.

He shares some of his experience and thoughts with Construction+ editor Joanna Sze.

How did you first get involved in BIM?
Back when I was in university, computers were just starting to be used in engineering. When I began work at Arup in 1996, my first experience was learning rudimentary 3D modelling for structural analysis on my own. After using 3D analytical models to design a couple of projects, I immediately understood its potential benefits.

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