Michael Ching Chee Hoong

With more than 16 years of professional experience with several international firms, Ar Michael Ching’s passion and active interest are in Green design. Ching is a director of CH+I Architecture Sdn Bhd and BGreen Design Sdn Bhd, both established in 2010. He was a council member of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), a member of the Green Building Index accreditation panel and a board member of the Malaysia Green Building Confederation.

Why did you choose to become an architect?
If you compare architecture to other professions with similar historical lengths, you will find that it is an odd discipline. It has no definitive syllabus or standard curriculum. It is in constant self-reinvention and discovery. It neither exists only in the realms of scientific logic nor artistic expressions, but it has notions of proportion and grandeur, vernacular, artistry, philosophy, sociology, and even politics—no one profession has that kind of reach and breadth.

However, this understanding only unveils itself once you have started your architectural journey. Vain as it might sound, I think it’s safe to say that most people in the profession are attracted to the flamboyant side of it at first and only develop an appreciation towards it much later. I am one of those. 

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