Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur launched Caring is Sharing campaign to aid construction workers affected by the MCO and COVID-19

Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia branch of Lighthouse Club International), which provides assistance to those in the construction industry, has launched the Caring is Sharing Campaign on 20 April 2020.

The contributions will go towards:

  1. Essential needs: For construction workers and their families in need of essential food such as rice and milk powder.
  2. Financial Support: Additional material and financial support to construction workers’ families who are in dire financial difficulties; the club may be able to provide financial support of up to RM 500 for each family.
  3. Education Programme: Through the club’s existing education programmes, they will provide financial assistance to the families of their sponsored students.

“To date we have received commitment of over RM25,000 and we look forward to more contributions in the coming weeks and months,” stated Lighthouse Kuala Lumpur’s social media account.

The campaign has also sparked off additional fundraising efforts such as the Bald Irish Man (BIM) fundraiser, which was launched on 22 April 2020.

For those who wish to donate, please fill up this form:

– Construction+ Online