Consuming Content Digitally

Without a doubt, technology has been pushed to the forefront and put to the test as the world scrambled to deal with the pandemic. Economies and travel grinded to a halt, as lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing measures were implemented. As the number of people under self-quarantine increases, the variety of digital services for entertainment and knowledge increases. For example, in April 2020, it was reported that in Malaysia, the demand for e-books from the National Library of Malaysia (PNM)’s digital collection has soared from the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO). Over 40,000 of the library’s digital books were borrowed compared to an average of about 15,000 during the regular months.

Fast forward one year later: The way we live and work has been changed profoundly. We are still picking up the pieces, and have realised how crucial remote access is. From establishing a connection with our partners and clients to maintaining the relationship with our loved ones, technology offers a means to assume the social normalcy that humans crave. We depend on our digital infrastructure to mitigate disruptions in our offices and homes, regionally and internationally. Signs are showing that the digital trend is expected to continue to rise. According to a 2020 report by The Business Research Company, the digital publishing market is expected to reach US$59.9 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 per cent by 2023.


Globally, it can also be seen that people are consuming media content more digitally, via streaming services, social media, etc (



Challenging times call for greater connectivity, closer community building and support, as well as engagement via exchanging of ideas and sharing of knowledge. As such, FuturArc and Construction Plus seek to continue to build a stronger connection and bridge the gap during this period beyond print, via our digital platforms. With the FuturArc and Construction Plus apps, as well as their websites, we hope to get quality content to our readership without disruption. We hope to help active industry professionals, thought leaders and decision-makers, all passionate about a more sustainable and robust built environment, to create a better future with more informed insights today. Our digital publishing platforms have the advantage of convenience and quick access on smart phones and mobile devices. In times of uncertainty such as the pandemic, where print production and distribution have been affected and postal services disrupted, being connected to digital content offers a sense of continuity and engagement with the community at large.


While print and traditional media may not become obsolete, it has certainly taken a back seat during the COVID-19 crisis this past year. For now, we would like to invite you to join us via our apps so that we can continue to provide you with ideas and inspiration with comfort and ease.

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