Constructing with IDD

How technology is integral in improving efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing waste in the construction project lifecycle.

Productivity in the construction industry has long been lagging behind the global economy and other sectors, such as manufacturing.

After all, there has been little or no change to the tools used for civil engineering over the past 20 years, whereas manufacturing has been revolutionised with Toyota’s concept of lean manufacturing.

While it is easy to see improvements in a factory environment, where millions of units of a product are produced, how can one apply lean solutions and see the results in the complex construction industry—where every building is unique, roads stretch for thousands of kilometres, and tunnels bore invisibly underground?

Building information modelling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process with the ability to include information into its 3D elements. BIM adoption picked up quickly in Singapore after the Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore made it compulsory for most construction projects.

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Digital Delivery Manager
Penta-Ocean Construction Co, Ltd

Lee’s interests lie mainly in using technology to improve work processes in construction. She has been involved in BIM implementation within Penta-Ocean for both civil and building projects. She is currently leading a centralised digital team in Singapore to establish a foundation for digital transformation within Penta-Ocean internationally. With a background in civil engineering, and experience in architectural and MEP gained from involvement in hospital projects, she is able to provide insights for bridging the gap between technology and engineering. She was involved in BIM management of the Sengkang Hospital project, as well as introducing the use of a 3D geological model for civil projects.


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