Beyond waterproofing: Enriching lives through structural integrity

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Since the beginning of times for human species, people have been seeking shelter from rain or water. Today, we spend our life savings to buy a home, just to put a roof on our heads. But, your home is more prone to water leaking issues than you know.

If you own a home, you will know that water leakage and infiltration are your home’s worst enemies. It actually destroys more structures than wars or natural disasters here in Malaysia.

Our group of companies have been around for more than 35 years in providing waterproofing systems and solutions to ensure that your home stays a shelter, enriching your lives.

We have involved in high profile jobs such as KLIA2, Hilton KL, St Regis Langkawi, MaTrade Exhibition Centre and many more. CHEMIND is the Brand Behind The Brands You Trust.


CHEMIND began as a waterproofing contractor in 1986 and in the year 1998, we adopted and applied the Australian technology used in the production of proprietary waterproofing solutions to manufacture our own range of products. Today, as one of the top waterproofing specialists in Selangor, Malaysia, CHEMIND has spread its wings regionally. Our waterproofing systems have been installed across the Asia Pacific region in area sizes over hundreds of millions of square feet.


We make waterproofing reliable and sustainable

CHEMIND’s mission entails a long-term commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of customers while exceeding expectations. We make it easy for customers to trust in their structures by providing a full range of reliable waterproofing solutions, products, and services from conception to completion.

Waterproofing is only 2-3 per cent of a building cost

Did you know 80 per cent of building defects is due to waterproofing issues which would lead into more serious defects such as damages to main building structure, leakages, and concrete cancer. On the other hand, waterproofing is only a mere fraction at 2-3 per cent of a building cost. Most common waterproofing defects can be attributed to poor workmanship, wrong waterproofing system designed, poor treatments to details and transitions as well as wrong selection of waterproofing products.

Re-Waterproofing RC Roof Top System

Common re-waterproofing methods to R.C rooftops involve hacking off everything until the original concrete substrate. With CHEMIND’s system design and solution, hacking is no longer required. Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM 6125) waterproofing system works even if there are dead level installations (no fall). No slope is required, just proper drainage systems. MM6125 conforms to all surface irregularities and bonds tenaciously to an acceptable substrate (i.e., concrete, steel, wood, etc.) eliminating lateral migration of water. MM6125 is typically installed at approximately 5-6 mm thick. This is more than two times thicker than most other waterproofing membranes. Thickness is an important benefit in that MM6125 exhibits the ability to self-heal and better accommodate developing cracks in a concrete substrate.

The only waterproofing manufacturer offering JOINT WARRANTY* up to 10 years – covering both product and workmanship

How is Chemind’s JOINT WARRANTY is different from others? The usual waterproofing vendors only provide PRODUCT warranty which does not cover on workmanship, therefore most project owners will face the situation where waterproofing supplier would not up hold on their warranty as they put the blame on installers for poor workmanship, while the installers put the blame on supplier for poor product. At the end, no one would want to withhold the warranty and the process of blaming each other continues with little to no result, putting the project owners in risk.

Chemind, as a manufacturer can offer this JOINT WARRANTY as we have our dedicated elected specialist to install the waterproofing systems. The JOINT WARRANTY covers up to 10 years of installation and manufacturer so that you’ll have a peace of mind with Chemind waterproofing membrane solutions.

Reach out to us if you have any questions on waterproofing systems and solutions at [email protected] or contact us directly 03- 8066 4128, we are eager to share our knowledge on waterproofing with you. You can always visit our website to know more on various waterproofing systems here.