Megaman Launches New Products At The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition)

MEGAMAN, one of the global LED manufacturers in the lighting industry, introduced the GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series at The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition) from 27 to 30 October 2017. The brand-new generation of aluminium linear LED pendant is set to create a new trend for office and commercial task lighting with its sleek and energy-saving design.

The GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series is where minimalist design and advanced optical technology converges. Its suspended task lighting structure is lauded for its subtly-chic beauty, yet equipped with sophisticated optical distribution. This fits well into any minimalist and contemporary interior design for offices, classrooms, hotel reception and other commercial spaces. With a versatile design, they can be connected with one another into various patterns to meet diverse requirements.

An anodised aluminium finishing and high-grade louvre, the GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series has a low glare rating (Unified Glare Rating, UGR≤19), which means the observers will be less disturbed by the glare, ensuring high level of visual comfort.

The GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series can be mounted as recessed, surface-mounted and suspension lighting. Its wide batwing light distribution and wide beam angle are the features highly sought-after by lighting designers to ensure stable and uniform distribution of light. Without batwing distributions, there would be glare directly above or below the light fixture.

MEGAMAN has expanded its portfolio of LED luminaires with the robust and versatile MARCO integrated LED tracklight. The new addition incorporates Hybrid Reflector Technology to offer superb beam control quality and creates a pleasurable customer experience, which is absolutely critical to retail environment.

Available in high lumen (lm) packages from 1,000 to 5,000 lm, the MARCO integrated LED tracklight offers high luminous efficacy, serving up to 50,000 hours of operating hours. Made with aluminium in white, silver and black colour options, the new series has a minimal yet sleek design in cylindrical hosing that houses a built-in driver. With an adjustable arm, MARCO allows 330° rotation and ±90° tilt angle, which are favourable for multidirectional lighting. Precise beam control can be achieved to create the most desirable highlighting effects for products, exhibits or displays.

Colour quality has always been the key in retail lighting. Equipped with an Ultra RichColour option, the MARCO series delivers a superb colour rendering of up to Ra97 to optimise both the hue and saturation of colours, achieving a faithful colour rendering and consistency for retail applications.

The MARCO integrated LED tracklight offers a wide choice of beam angles ranging from 12°, 15°, 24°, 36° to 45°, making it ideal for accent and ambient lighting in retail and hospitality spaces. Incorporated with the Hybrid Reflector Technology, the MARCO series could deliver enhanced beam control, efficacy and excellent optics. This innovative technology combines the best features of the facetted reflector range with the total internal reflection of its optical reflector to provide a solution that performs even better than competing LED technologies.

Optional accessories of spread/rectangular lens, honeycomb louvre, barn doors and coloured filters are also available for improved glare control. The result is soft, balanced light with minimal glare and visually comfortable spaces that reduce eye fatigue.

Offering exceptional flexibility in application and design, the MARCO integrated LED tracklight transforms retail spaces where broad spectrum lighting, precise beam control and soft visual balance are most important. The MARCO series is specifically ideal for applications such as shop lighting, hotels, showrooms, restaurants and museums.

MEGAMAN has launched its new generation of ESTELA recessed LED louvre panels to replace traditional 3x24W T5 and 3x18W T8 fluorescent louvre fittings with higher lumen efficacy and better energy efficiency. The 90° beam angle means it is an ideal solution for uniform lighting that seamlessly blends into any commercial and public-sector buildings.

available in a 30W square or rectangular version. It is lightweight and facilitates easy installation, yet the I-beam design ensures it is a robust option. Mountable on exposed and concealed T-bar ceilings, the recessed LED louvre panels feature an integrated switched version or external DALI dimming driver version, making it ideal for retrofit scenarios.

With MEGAMAN’s technology and know-how in low energy lighting, the ESTELA series provides superb performance of lumen efficacy up to 130 lm/W and rated life of 50,000 hours. It is an optimal solution of recessed lighting that combines modern design and best user experience for everyday use.

As a lighting system expert, MEGAMAN’s smart lighting solution allows users to enjoy a new level of home automation in terms of convenience, energy saving and security. Always getting smarter and adding new features, the brand new INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution now works with Amazon Alexa voice commands. Users can simply use mobile devices or Alexa to control all smart devices of connected homes or commercial spaces.

The INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution enables automated control and scene-setting of smart devices via a mobile device, allowing different settings to be programmed according to the time schedule of a day. Control commands are transmitted via ZigBee equipped gateway to the Internet. The advanced functionality of Alexa voice commands enables the user to simply tell the lights to turn on/off, dim and activate the scenes without using the mobile app.

The extensive product range of the INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution includes Gateway, LED Classic, LED Candle and TECOH THx LED Light Engine, Dimming Modules, Mains Switching Modules, Remote Controllers, Energy Measuring Smart Socket Adaptors and Assorted Sensors. Wireless control of INGENIUM ZB enabled LED bulbs and other smart devices can be gained from anywhere, individually or in groups, all from the app or Alexa voice commands. It works with its own INGENIUM ZB gateway or other ZigBee equipped super-gateways. The INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution also allows for the connection of 150 devices by utilising ZigBee 3.0 technology.

Designed for control of conventional LED light bulbs and luminaires, the INGENIUM ZB Dimming Module offers 150W and 250W versions, and in particular, can be attached to the Dimmable LEDs for instant smart home control and seamless dimming. The Mains Switching Module is also available for on/off lighting. When the mobile app is not in use, the Remote Controllers with handheld and wall-mounted options are another good way to control the devices.

With the Smart Socket Adaptor and multipurpose Sensors, a connected home or office can be built with one-touch control of home appliances—such as table lamp, heater, electronics, fan, television, etc.—via smart devices or remote controllers.

Smart Socket Adaptor: Provides on/off power control, as well as coordinated operation with other devices through grouping and preset on/off scheduling. The user can also check energy usage from the adaptor output.

PIR Sensor: A rule can be preset to detect human motion to turn on the lighting or other smart devices to achieve greater energy and cost savings. For example, turning on the bathroom lighting and ventilation fan automatically when someone is inside.

Magnetic On/Off Sensor: It works like a door or window sensor, and can also be installed inside a drawer or a cabinet to give an alarm when it is being tempered with. A rule can be set to turn on specific lights or an alarm device for security purposes.

The INGENIUM ZB is the ultimate smart control solution for stylish living at home, offices, retail stores and other scalable spaces. Its ease of use, simple installation and scalability makes it ideal for an endless list of creative and eco-friendly applications.

This intelligent application was showcased at MEGAMAN’s stand at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), where visitors could control off/on, dimming, set timer, or set different scenes or moods at their fingertips by simply touching the app or Alexa voice.

The INGENIUM ZB app is now available for free download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

MEGAMAN is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in the use of LED with design and technology that targets the best eco-lighting solutions. The firm’s products are widely distributed throughout the world, including Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North America and Latin America, covering more than 90 countries. By setting environmental management as one of the company’s highest priorities, MEGAMAN is focusing on eco-friendly environmental processes from initial design, to manufacturing, research and development, and the disposal or recycling of its products.

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