Multigips R48 Radiation Protection Gypsum Block

The German-made MultiGips R48 radiation protection gypsum block is specially formulated for radiation protection. It is most suitable for use in hospital and clinical projects.

Compared to other methods of construction with a combination of masonry and lead or studded drywall partition with lad infill, the MultiGips R48 gypsum block is lighter, lead-free, more economical and easier to install.

Advantages of using MultiGips R48 (with baryte) in hospital construction:

  • Ease of installation using unitised components
  • Lead-free (non-toxic)
  • Possible to sustain heavy bracketry at any position
  • Hygienic due to surface smoothness
  • Recyclable
  • Good sound insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Cost- and time-saving (only skim plastering coat required for surface preparation)
  • Less wet trade and disposal

The MultiGips R48 radiation protection gypsum block is particularly suitable for providing radiation protection for imaging methods based on ionising radiation, which are widely used in diagnostic medicine: radiography, computed tomography, mammography and gamma cameras.

The shielding effect of the wall is measured using lead equivalence. The test performed by an independent laboratory showed that the MultiGips R48 gypsum block provides optimum protection in fulfilling the regulation requirement in radiation shielding.

Traditional solutions for radiation protection walls are either based on lead foils or extremely thick and heavy solid materials such as clay brick wall, or in combination with lead material that could be toxic.

The lead-free MultiGips R48 gypsum blocks, on the other hand, provide radiation protection with comparatively lighter unitised components that are only 100 millimetres thick with the inclusion of baryte.

Project reference: 
Stuttgart Hospital (Germany)
Dr. Smile Dentistry (Hong Kong)

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