Henry Ng Wai-Hung

President of the Australian Institute of Building (Hong Kong Chapter)
He has been awarded as The HKIC First Outstanding Alumni Award and Outstanding Lo Pan Award to recognise his outstanding achievements, services and significant contribution to the construction industry.

Institute and personal experience
What inspired you to begin a career in the construction industry?
I have interested in construction since I was childhood. I think this is a sophisticated industry which involves building professionals from different aspects. My HKCEE result was not very satisfactory so I decided to further my study in the Construction Industry Council “CIC”. In CIC, they provided a in-depth training and technique for me to prepare my career in this industry. After graduation, I have continued to study a Master at Civil Engineering in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. These experience helps me to build up a solid foundation in the construction industry.

Why did you join the Australian Institute of Building?
I have joined and served the Australian Institute of Building “AIB” for almost 10 years. It is my pleasure to be elected as the President of AIB (Hong Kong Chapter) this year. I joined the institute because I believe it is a performance to explore and exchange knowledge with different expertise from the industry especially in building construction. So I hope AIB will continue to act as a performance for information sharing among the builders in Hong Kong.

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What are the roles of AIB in Hong Kong building industry?
The AIB is a professional member-based organisation established to represent construction industry individuals from Australia. Normally, ‘Builders’ are considered to be separated from ‘Architects and Engineers’ who are qualified via a university degree to participate in the construction Industry. In fact, it includes a growing group of highly skilled constructors and managers, coordinating teams of highly skilled tradesmen. As the Hong Kong Chapter of AIB, we aim at consolidating the builders, which include the architects, engineers, surveyors or so on, to promote excellence in the construction of buildings. To achieve this goal, we advance the study of building and all kindred matters, arts and sciences. It is important for us to provide a platform for the professionals to exchange knowledge in practical, technical and ethical subjects. Last but not least, in the midst of challenging times for the construction industry, we hope to uphold the dignity of the profession of building and status of the institute. Also, AIB was granted a Royal Charter in 1969, which is full member of AIB (MAIB / FAIB) is entitled to call “Chartered Building Professional” in this industry.

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