Fung Siu Man

The Director of Campus Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mr Fung Siu-Man is part of CUHK’s Green Team, driving progress in making the university a more sustainable place to work and study.

Holding degrees from the University of Hong Kong and University College London in architecture as well as urban development planning, Fung is an integral part of the community at CUHK.

Being an architect, why did you choose to focus on campus development at the beginning?
My background included both Architecture and Urban Development Planning. My practice in the past 30 years has been focused on master planning and community development apart from building design, sustainability and campus development. Major achievements included the Huawei Research and Industrial Park in Shenzhen, and campus developments for CUHK and City U in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

What is your mission as the Director of Campus Development?
To put CUHK’s vision of Sustainability Campus Development into practice; to coordinate the planning, design and construction of new developments as well as asset enhancements for the University, and to achieve an environment conducive to education, research and sustainability living.

Which project do you feel most proud of as the Director of Campus Development in CUHK?
The University Library Extension and Spatial Re-organization project completed in 2012 with innovations in Green Building and interior design; and the new CUHK (Shenzhen) campus completed recently in Longgong, Shenzhen.

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