CoeLux: Experience The Sky

CoeLux ST, a series that has more compact dimensions and is dimmable, was showcased at Euroluce – International Lighting Exhibition 2017.

After the launch of high-end models (CoeLux 45 HC, CoeLux 45 LC, CoeLux SQUARE and CoeLux 60) in 2014, CoeLux was showcased at the International Lighting Exhibition 2017 with the new generation CoeLux ST (Sky Tales) available in three versions— CoeLux ST NAOS, CoeLux ST TIVANO and CoeLux ST IBLA—which are dimmable and DALI compatible. The line CoeLux ST has more compact dimensions to better adapt to the different application contexts and proposes a mediated, rather than direct, vision of the sun and sky. Compared to the previous generation, CoeLux ST does not allow one to directly see the solar disk. The sun rays reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the various louvres available.

The dimmerability of the CoeLux ST systems allows the light to vary in the same way as sunlight. Different scenarios can be created to reproduce the light environment in the entire course of the day: from morning to night, and afternoon to evening.

Using LED technology and nanotechnology, these revolutionary lighting systems reproduce the beneficial effect of warm sunlight with the blue and diffused light of the sky, recreating indoor lights, shapes and volumes that are typical of the outdoors for a new dimension of architectural space. The sensorial and emotional experience of the CoeLux technology avoids interrupting the natural dialogue with the sun, even in blind or hypogeal environments, and under adverse weather conditions.

CoeLux ST is available with three different louvres: NAOS, TIVANO and IBLA.

In the architecture of ancient Greece, Naos (“cell” in Greek) was the most sacred and inner part of the temples—the place of the statue of the divinity—surrounded by perimetric columns that filtered and modelled the rays of the sun during the day, so as to give a musical rhythm to the space.

CoeLux ST NAOS—available in two variations—is inspired by this, creating an artificial window composed of several glimpses of the sky, each one containing its own cell of light. Like the columns of the temple, the sun rays strike the surface, enlightening it occasionally and resulting in irregular but parallel shadows, which gives the idea of an infinite space.

Tivano—from the French petit vent—is the breeze that ripples the waters of the Lake of Como in the early hours of the day, cleaning the air and bestowing the iconic beauty that makes it one of the most fascinating and magical places in the world.

CoeLux ST TIVANO—also available in two variations—creates a fragmented picture of sunlight. It is characterised to keep the components of the sun and sky separate in the reverberation process. In this way, the environments are rich in contrasts of colours and brightness that mimic natural light, giving depth and perspective to the space.

Ibla is one of the two districts that form the historical centre of Ragusa, a UNESCO World Heritage City. In the heat of summer, the walls and roofs of the buildings and churches of the neighbourhood reflect the sunlight that seems to be even hotter due to the white amber colour of the local stone, while the narrow passages between the streets let the refreshing blue of the sky enter. CoeLux ST IBLA is inspired by this, creating the effect of an opening directed towards the sky. Similar to the model NAOS, the contrast between sun and sky remains inside the well of light in IBLA, creating a uniform illumination in the environment.

CoeLux systems promote well-being and environmental comfort in every place and under any weather condition. They bring the benefits of sunlight illumination in blind or hypogeal environments, as well as in offices, shops, airports, shopping malls, hotels, wellness centres, museums, homes and hospital rooms with nuclear diagnostic apparatuses.

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