This range expresses a homogeneous LED linear light to great effect. It comes in four crystal perimeter-finished elements and aggregable linear fixtures that are complete with housings that can be loop-powered within 5 seconds while maintaining the IP67 protection. With a thickness of only 55 millimetres and a width of 30 millimetres, it is simple and easy to mount and has a wide range of accessories for floor and surface installation.

Product features:
• 5 seconds – IP67 loop connection facility
Each ICE luminaire is ready for loop connection with a specific IP67 fast connector that allows wiring in 5 seconds. No electrical junctions are needed for each luminaire, providing huge savings.
• Quick and easy in every application
Every ICE luminaire is compatible with all types of installation due to its retaining springs, making assembly quick and easy.
• High protection
Tempered 10-millimetre safety glass offers high resistance against mechanical and thermal shocks.
• Trimless recessed
With the use of accessories, the position of the rough-in housing can be adjusted even with an irregular subfloor.
• Multiple applications
There is a wide range of installation types that provides flexible solutions (e.g., masonry and concrete as well as, plasterboard recessed fittings and wall installations).

Each SLED module offers a wide range of light distribution, LED colours and wiring. The patented connection system keeps the IP67 protection rating. It is also easy to obtain light fittings that emit the right quantity of luminous flux as per the interior and exterior project specifications.

Product features:
• Compactness
It is compact with two size options (63 by 63 millimetres or 93 by 93 millimetres).

• Visual continuity
Patented electrical connection among the lighting modules maintains the visual continuity between the screens.

• Cost savings
Different types of louvres can be combined—grouping light emissions in a single lighting fitting reduces the spotlights and installation costs.

• Lower maintenance
The high protection index assures a long-lasting performance with minimum maintenance.

• Lifetime
The use of power LEDs and light spots on a ceramic base guarantees a small flux loss and a high thermal management. Therefore, the light flux reliability remains high over time.

• Uniform binning
Using the same platform for the whole project ensures that the same LED types are used for any context.

• Traceable
Each SLED module has a specific reference to trace information.

• Multiple applications
There is a wide range of add-on accessories that provides flexible solutions (e.g., wall mounts, recessed ceilings and downlights).

• Adaptable to projects
By combining SLED modules with different louvres, clusters with custom lighting emission can be created.

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