Expansive glass windows for a sense of spaciousness and abundance of sunlight

Located at Mid-Levels West, Hong Kong, ALASSIO is the third in a series of buildings by architecture firm DLN.

The 50-storey residential building comprises 197 spacious units, with two-bedroom units ranging from 581 to 1,007 square feet, as well as three- and four-bedroom units and duplexes on the top floors.

Its two-storey clubhouse at the podium comes with a range of recreational facilities, including a 25-metre-plus heated outdoor swimming pool. Extensive hard and soft landscaping, such as vertical gardens, help to soften the environment and reduce radiation gain.

The tower combines a pleated façade and balconies/fins to articulate a dynamic building form that maximises views of the city skyline and Victoria Harbour. The expansive glass windows joining the balconies generate a sense of spaciousness and a harmonious flow from the inside to the outside, introducing an abundance of natural sunlight. The project is built according to BEAM Plus assessment requirements.

Care was taken to avoid negative visual impact of the tower to its surroundings. To preserve the view of the Victoria Peak’s ridgelines, a 20 per cent building-free zone is protected, with the main roof level of the development maintained at 243.55 metres above Principal Datum (mPd), about half of the height limit. ALASSIO is also in close proximity to the heritage monuments and landmarks, and the view corridor has been protected to ensure pedestrians’ views are not obstructed.

The development has a dual-entrance design at Caine Road and Castle Road, with an exclusive pathway to Seymour Road. Safe and accessible pedestrian circulation is provided with 2- to 3-metre setbacks and a newly proposed pedestrian staircase.

Project Name: ALASSIO
Location: 100 Caine Road, Mid-Levels West, Hong Kong
Completion Date: January 2017
Site Area: 2,018.411 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 18,165.453 square metres
Number of Units: 197
Building Height: 168.55 metres
Client/Owner: Swire Properties Ltd
Architecture Firm: DLN
Principal Architect: DLN
Main Contractor: Hip Hing Construction Co, Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Parsons Brinckerhoff (Asia) Ltd
Civil & Structural Engineer: C M Wong & Associates Ltd
Images: DLN

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