Berger Elegance

Berger Elegance is an odour-free, interior emulsion paint specially designed to provide a long-lasting, smooth and attractive finish. It has the ability to neutralise formaldehyde and improve indoor air quality. It is fortified with anti-bacterial properties and has excellent coverage, which means you can paint more walls with the same quantity of paint. Its excellent stain resistance and washability makes your walls child-friendly. Berger Elegance has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and complies with the Singapore Green Label Scheme.

Improves indoor air quality
It neutralises formaldehyde—a harmful indoor air pollutant and carcinogen widely found in upholsteries, carpets and furniture—and makes the indoor air healthier to breathe.
Almost no paint odour
Almost no discernable paint odour during and after painting.
Excellent washability
It is highly washable, which makes the paint last longer and reduces the number of repaints required.
Advanced stain guard
Ensures lower stain pickup and easy cleaning for different kinds of household stains.
Fungus and mildew resistant
Designed to protect your walls against unwanted fungus that can cause considerable damage.
Anti-bacterial formulation
Anti-bacterial formula certified by TÜV SÜD reduces microbial growth, thus creating a more hygienic and healthier living environment.
Environmentally preferred paint
Singapore Green Label Certified product.
Superior durability and film strength
Fortified with Surface Protectors to increase durability and reinforce the strength of the paint film, resulting in better adhesion and film integrity.

Surface preparation
Do ensure that the surface to be coated is dry (moisture meter reading of less than six per cent; clean and free from all loose extraneous materials such as loose paint, dust, etc.). If fungus or algae is present, treat with Berger Fungicidal Wash. Apply a suitable sealer coat such as Berger Plastaseal or Berger Water Based Sealer prior to the application of this product. For repainting over old coatings, remove all loose or flaking coatings and take them back to a firm edge. Ensure that the remaining coating is tightly adherent.

Application procedure
Stir contents of the can thoroughly before use. Thinning is not usually required. However, if desired, do not exceed thinning ratio mentioned in the product data sheet. Apply two coats of paint with adequate time between coats.

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