Security Systems For Buildings

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Security today is a science. It is not only about ‘guards and guns’, but it requires a more comprehensive and holistic approach that integrates strategies, technologies and systems. In other countries, this security industry has been recognised as a separate field of study, such as architecture, engineering, etc. But unfortunately, in Indonesia, this is not the case yet.

Darwin Lestari Tan, Chief of Advisors’ Board of Indonesian Security System Industry Association (AISKINDO, Asosiasi Industri Sistem Keamanan Indonesia), discusses building security systems with Construction+.

Many buildings now use metal detectors and security X-ray scanners to reduce the threat of terrorism

What is the background of building security systems in Indonesia?
If we look at the history of the development of building security systems in Indonesia, there was one key incident that has become a milestone in ‘security awareness’ in Indonesia—the Bali bombing in 2002. Before the Bali bombing, most of the security systems that were implemented in buildings were mainly human resources, namely security guards. The use of electronic security was still very rare.

After that incident, security awareness began to grow with efforts to anticipate the threat of terrorism. Buildings, hotels and public buildings began to install electronic security, especially CCTVs, and to inspect vehicles with security mirrors at the gates of malls and offices. Some building operators also use metal detectors and security X-ray machines.

There is already a special Pergub that requires CCTV installation

Is this sufficient?
In my opinion, no, because the threat itself is developing and dynamic. There have been several other terrorist attacks post-Bali, such as the JW Marriot Jakarta bomb in 2003, the 2004 Australian Embassy bomb (known as the Kuningan bombing), as well as a second Bali bombing in 2005.

Chief of Advisors’ Board, Indonesian Security System Industry Association (AISKINDO)
CEO, of PT TelView Technology, Indonesia

Tan is a known security specialist with over 25 years of experience in varied applications of asset protection. He is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) and serves as the chief of advisors’ board of AISKINDO. He is the founder of PT Telview Technology, which specialises in the integration of security systems and distribution of security products.

Tan completed his studies at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan in Bandung, Indonesia, majored in civil engineering, and worked as an assistant to a project manager in Bilfinger+Berger, a construction company from Germany, for the Padalarang-Cileunyi toll highway project.

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