The Future is Here and It’s Smart

Leading smart locking technology firm – LOCKLY helps fuel Asia’s hot real estate market

Builders, developers and architects looking for a competitive market edge turn to property technology LOCKLY, a global leader in smart locking IOT solutions.

Smart-home technology is becoming a common real estate upgrade and necessity. For buyers and renters, it’s no longer an option but an expectation. Whether it be a new build or existing structure, consumers want a modern smart home experience that delivers safety and security while protecting what matters most. Savvy developers and builders are turning to LOCKLY to meet these expectations with smart locking solutions that are easy to install and offer the latest in security, access, elegance, and management.

LOCKLY’s focus has been on providing a perfect balance of security and convenience with an emphasis on privacy protection. While there are certainly a number of choices when it comes to smart locks, LOCKLY is positioned to offer best-in class solutions for the marketplace.

Security, Access, and Management

LOCKLY smart locks are part of an entire smart locking ecosystem designed from the ground up to seamlessly work together. At the heart of this ecosystem is LOCKLY’s cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), LOCKLY Access Portal (, a centralized command center that allows property managers and owners visibility and management of all LOCKLY devices from one door to one thousand. Just imagine the benefits. For example, a mainland real estate buyer/owner now has the ability to manage access, control, and have visibility of their Hong Kong properties anytime, from anywhere, all from the convenience of their computer or smartphone. It’s a new level of security, control, and peace of mind…read more