K.City: The inspiration hub

K.CITY, a residential project situated within Kai Tak Development (KTD), is a large and highly complex development project spanning a total planning area of over 320 hectares covering the ex-airport site, which is also considered part of Kowloon East (KE) and the next-generation central business district (CBD2) of Hong Kong.

Playing the leading role of driving the growth of CBD2, KTD is envisioned as Hong Kong’s largest commercial district, overtaking the existing CBD of Central on Hong Kong Island, ultimately doubling the current size of Central in terms of commercial floor space.

With close proximity to the future MTR Kai Tak Station and comprehensive connection to both CBDs (Central and KE), K.CITY is designed to be the ‘CITY OF THE CITY’. Besides, KTD is the pilot area to implement the SMART CITY living concept that includes using smart data and technology, creating a low carbon community and enhancing walkability of the city.

K.CITY’s sleek and contemporary architectural design elements not only pay homage to Kai Tak’s treasured history and heritage, but also echo the positioning of KTD as SMART CITY concept.

As one of the leading developments within KTD, K.CITY plays a pivotal role in the reinvention of the area and rejuvenation of the neighbourhood by establishing a community of young and talented people.

The residence harnesses the best of old and new Kai Tak by incorporating stylish handcrafted aircraft furniture made from reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts—a tribute to aviation heritage and engineering—with modern SMART CITY living design and elements in the development.

Reflecting the SMART CITY concept of KTD and the tech-savvy generation, the state-of-the-art Samsung Smart Doorlock installed at the entrance door of each individual unit can be unlocked in five different ways: by fingerprint, user access code, mechanical keys, Bluetooth or RF card. Users can receive real-time notifications from a dedicated smartphone mobile app when family members arrive home, and door entrance logs can be retained (up to 30 records) for recording purposes.

K.CITY is the first project in Hong Kong to introduce “co-working lifestyle” into residential development. Target buyers who were born in the 1980s and 1990s embrace a smart living style, enjoy social gatherings and collaboration, and pursue living in a neighbourhood with like-minded people. The co-working concept facilitates collaboration and creativity via the clubhouse, which is designed with open spaces, vibrant colours and modern decorations for a comfortable setting. K.CITY will become “THE INSPIRATION HUB” of the city.

K.CITY consists of eight residential towers with four high-rise towers and four low-rise towers. The external façade uses streamlined and sleek design elements like curvilinear treatment of transfer plate, banded aluminium architectural feature to accentuate the simplexes in low blocks, and big curvy frames to highlight both major entrances and penthouses on high-rise rooftops.

Glazed ceramic wall tiles on the prefabricated concrete façade are manufactured in China. Prefabrication is eco-friendly and enhances built quality. Glazed tiles are economical and durable, and offer versatility in colours and textures.

The aluminium cladding produced in China has good quality with low delivery cost. Large-sized panels are used as vertical building features to minimise joints.

The Vals stone from Switzerland is regarded as exquisite and luxurious. It is distinctive as it is seldom used as façade cladding.

Although the site is sandwiched between two building lots, sacrificing view; K.City responds to the constraint by arranging its two high-rise towers at an angle to capture maximum views towards Lion Rock Mountain and Victoria Harbour.

In addition, the land lease requires at least 10 per cent of the total area to be allocated for low-rise blocks with a maximum 6-storey height. This arrangement takes up a sizable site area for landscaping. Thus, two double loaded I-shape low-rise towers are used to maximise efficiency and free up the site area for landscaping. وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد