Ir C. S. Ho, General Manager of BEAM Society Limited, on Enhancing Construction Practitioners’ Skills

A practising engineer and lawyer, Ir C. S. Ho is the General Manager of BEAM Society Limited (BSL), a leader in the region’s Green building assessment tools. He manages BSL’s operations and organisational and business development, administers BEAM Plus assessment tools and builds capacity in the community to advance health and well-being through education and training.

In this time of technological advancement, please share your views on the importance of the training/upskilling of practitioners and workers in the construction industry.
We are now in an innovative and creative era witnessing rapid advancement of technologies and practices that can be advantageously utilized in building industry. All the practitioners need to practise life-long learning as a matter of necessity to maintain their competency and competitiveness. Green building, being one of the most important elements in the strategy combating climate change, has attracted a lot of attention and investment that led to very rapid advancement and change in building design, building operation, material used, etc. There is a great demand for training and upskilling services, which BSL is committed to offer as one of its core visions. BSL performs its building capacity mission in the community through education by providing credentials-related training and examination (BEAM Pro Training and Examination) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to BEAM practitioners.

BEAM Pro accredits professionals with competency in integrating the latest Green building standards and practices into everyday building planning, design, construction and operations. They are required to keep abreast of the latest knowledge and Green building standards and BEAM Plus Assessment Tools, which have been upgraded throughout the years.

All the practitioners need to practise life-long learning as a matter of necessity to maintain their competency and competitiveness.

BSL Green building tours for students of the built environment-related discipline

How do BEAM trainings enhance Hong Kong’s professional practice in the construction industry?
Green Building is a comprehensive concept that embraces a wide range of technologies, practices and methodologies requiring a big pool of talents to offer a sufficiently wide spectrum of quality training programmes for practitioners. For this reason, BSL, with reference to the need of the trainees, invites experts from diverse backgrounds working in the construction industry, hence with adequate working experience, to conduct training. As the BEAM Plus Assessment Tools undergo continual updating to cope with the changes in technologies, regulations and practices, BSL also offers upgrading courses and evaluation to ensure the BEAM Professionals’ knowledge is timely updated. We are thankful
to these industry experts and business leaders for sharing their knowledge and invaluable insights for the benefits of the building industry that eventually benefits the community through the Green built environment used by the public.

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