Hitachi brings new PRIMAIRY product line to the home and light commercial HVAC market

Hitachi PRIMAIRY air conditioning series are made to provide comfortable indoor air to people who live and work in small and medium-sized spaces. The name ‘PRIMAIRY’ signifies Hitachi’s primary goal of providing people with healthy, comfortable living environments.

The PRIMAIRY system is an energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioning system designed to meet the unique needs of small to medium enterprises such as retail shops, restaurants and small offices. The system offers one of the best levels of comfort, reliability, efficiency and design flexibility. Hitachi’s cutting-edge technology innovation brings you a greater comfort to your working days and to your customers’ visits to your store, office or workspace.

The new PRIMAIRY system offers quality product line with:

a. Seamlessly compact design
The compact design seamlessly blends into your space up to 8.7 per cent thinner than previous models.

b. Wide ambient temperature range
Consistent cooling for reliable performance during high-ambient temperatures up to 46ºC.

c. R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant
With sustainability as a priority, the R32 refrigerant has lower rates of ozone depletion and global warming than ever before.

d. 50-metres wider coverage of piping run
Extended flexibility in the piping can reach up to 50 metres in length and up to 30 metres in height, customised to your space’s needs.

e. Auto random restart
The auto random restart feature prevents the units simultaneously overloading the circuit with power. Units will automatically revert back to your previous custom settings for a speedy, worry-free return to comfort.

f. Expansion interface
The expandable interface allows you to connect to smoke detectors, key slots, or other devices. The reserved port that will help connect all of these into one accessible device so you can get things done with ease.

g. Error code display with self- diagnosis function
The error code is clearly displayed on the diagnostic panel of the outdoor unit for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.

Design for Comfort, Efficiency and Reliability

Hitachi PRIMAIRY indoor units contribute to a sense of well-being by making indoor life more comfortable. Units are unobtrusive, reliable, and ultra-efficient, creating a comfortable environment that enables you to stay on track and get things done for your business. Developed with a combination of advanced software and hardware design, there are three main units of PRIMAIRY indoor series*: Cassette, Ducted and Floor Ceiling Convertible.

There is always a PRIMAIRY solution suited to your needs. PRIMAIRY units integrate smoothly into your daily life, improving the experience for everyone involved with your business and home. Customise your comfort with wall-mounted or handheld controls with easy-to-read and intuitive interfaces. You will find its fast and simple to make your environment your own.

*Product specifications may vary according to region

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