German Pool: Advanced water heating solution

German Pool presents an advanced water heating solution, with Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters and the Smart Control system.

German Pool’s series of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters features a number of designs with different functionalities. These creations have received a number of international ecological and design accolades. They feature an IES bare wire heating system for efficient heating, MPS multiple power system for a variety of power ratings and TTC twin temperature control for enhanced temperature accuracy. The Mini Series has won the American Green Good Design Award in 2013, the IF Product Design Award in 2012 and a nomination for the German Design Award. The DSX Servotronic MPS rose above 328 competitors to win the ‘Focus in Silver Prize’ in the Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Focus Energy competition.

The Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters are characterised by a high level of flexibility. The heaters support multiple points of application—they can be connected to a bathtub, shower, sink or any other household water outlet easily, many with water connection either on top or underneath. The decentralised system intelligently and effectively covers every corner of the home, enabling the user to enjoy an endless, convenient supply of hot water instantly.

German Pool’s Smart Control system realises the potential to control the Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters using mobile technology

German Pool’s Smart Control system, engineered and designed in Germany, realises the potential to control the Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters using mobile technology. Users can retrieve individual settings, adjust temperature and look at water or energy consumption at a glance via mobile app.

A Smart Control system can synchronise with up to 10 compatible water heaters, allowing every member of the family to freely preset their desired handwashing, shower or bath temperatures using the intuitive dial on the app. According to each individual’s daily routine, the Smart Control system delivers hot water with an accurate temperature to each personalised preset. The system also lets the user define saving targets, and the graphical summaries of water and energy usage offer detailed insight for evaluation to help cost control. The Smart Control system is designed to maximise the convenience of a smart home.

Established in 1982, German Pool started as an Electric Water Heater specialist importing German-made machines. The company has since diversified into a multidisciplinary enterprise, also selling high-end kitchen cabinetry and healthy lifestyle gadgets. It has been the recipient of countless prestigious accolades, which have substantiated its position as a respected leading consumer brand in the industry.

German Pool’s well-established distribution network includes large cabinetry and appliance showroom, high-end department stores and retailers, totalling over thousands of distribution channels in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Three decades on, the firm has since expanded worldwide in Germany, America and Canada, achieving extraordinary success with a burgeoning series of lifestyle products that are the definitive gadgets for modern living.

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