Exhale Fans

Exhale Fans is the first to bring bladeless technology to the ceiling fan market, wrapping comfort in sophisticated designs.

Vortex Airflow
Air exits Exhale Fans in all directions—360° horizontally and at a 45° angle. This unique airflow starts a gentle rotation of the air, much like a vortex, which is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry.

Air is not simply directed straight down, but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow. Over time, this airflow multiplies as the fan runs, efficiently mixing the air and stabilising the temperature in the home.

Superior Functionality
With a diameter of 34 inches, Exhale Fans are smaller than most ceiling fans in the market today. Using its high efficiency DC motor, the high-speed airflow is 3,186 cubic feet per minute—more effective and efficient than larger air movers in creating comfort.

Saves Money
Exhale Fans are designed to be energy efficient and easier on the utility bill. It helps balance the temperature throughout the room, especially when run together with existing heating and air-conditioning systems.

Fresh and Healthy
Exhale Fans ensure good air circulation for a fresh-smelling home, whether in the kitchen or at a pet’s favourite space. By keeping air in constant motion, moisture is removed, making it harder for mould and bacteria to find a foothold.

Exhale Fans are whisper-quiet—even at its highest setting, it still sounds like the quietest corner of a library.

Exhale Fans boast a sleek, unobstructive design, with a choice of designer colours to complement today’s living style.

Latest Led Lighting Technology
Exhale Fans offer a choice of white or warm yellow LED lighting, which is adjustable through a wireless remote control.

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