Arcoris Mont’ Kiara

Arcoris Mont’ Kiara is an award-winning, mixed high-rise development designed by GDP Architects and international acclaimed firm, Foster & Partner.  The construction commenced in 2012 and completed in 2017. Arcoris Mont’ Kiara comprises five integrated components for business, SoHo (small office/home office), residences, a retail plaza and the Hyatt House hotel. Filled with elevated garden terraces, Arcoris Mont’ Kiara was designed to be GBI (Green Building Index) compliant.

MAPEI’s green-certified adhesives and tile grouts were used for the installation of floors and walls to meet the high standards of this project requirement. Adhesives such as KERABOND T, KERAFLEX, KERAFLEX MAXI S1 and tile grout KERACOLOR SF were used for floors and walls installation at SOHO, toilet, service apartment, plaza wall, hotel and balcony and bathroom. For swimming pool, KERABOND T + ISOLASTIC was used as adhesive for the mosaic tiles and with ULTRACOLOR PLUS as grouting. The works of swimming pool was also using MAPEI waterproofing system, MAPELASTIC + MAPENET 150, a waterproofing system with glass fibre mesh reinforcement.

The project also uses MAPEI waterproofing system for its bathrooms, roof, planter boxes, toilet drywalls, swimming pool, “siphonic” pipe, and drywall joints. The solution to use Mapeband SA + Mapelastic for sealing “Siphonic System” drainage pipes and Mapeband + Mapelastic for drywall joints to replace conventional sealants helped to solve the waterproofing challenges encountered in the project.

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