Wellaholic needs a studio space to raise awareness on the importance of health, body and lifestyle. Aligning with their vision and mission, the space was designed with the idea of providing calm, comfort yet youthful atmosphere to the users. In terms of colour proposal, general use of neutral shades with a tint of green is harmoniously applied into the space. Being not too heavy and fanciful, the repetition of hexagon shapes is featured as soft wall finishes using carpet tiles. The warm tone of timber frames above the ceiling creates a nice flow from the entrance to the reception area. The existing rear gate is nostalgic yet durable. The rear yard and bathroom have matching nostalgic tiles and cement screening.

Playing with different textures and finishes at the reception area, the glossy marble finished counter mixed with cement screed laminate brings out a strong contrast. By introducing carpet tiles to the wall, it balances out the overall ambience of the space.

Using wide, full-length mirrors and black metal framing glass partitions, the dance studio was designed to be simple and functional. Together with the treatment room, the second layer of the space was furnished with more white and light tones to naturally bring the users to a different level of experience in the same space. The home-made copper hanging lights are the highlight of the design for the studio.

As Wellaholic promotes health awareness, this youthful and cosy interior space could become a popular spot among locals of all ages, achieving their initial goal of providing wellness and awareness to the public.

Project Name: Wellaholic
Location: 16M Penhas Road, Singapore
Completion Date: October 2016
Client/Owner: Willie Chan
Gross Floor Area: 140 square metres
Interior Design Firm: Copper Design Associates Pte Ltd
Number of Rooms/Units: 3
Lighting Consultant: Angela Chen
Structural Engineer: Team Design Consultants
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Copper Design Associates Pte Ltd
Key Suppliers: Mac Aircon Engineering; Hafary; DG Glass
Images/Photos: Ben Than; Jackie Lai