Voids Café

Voids Café is a result of a refurbishment project to transform its former shell into a ‘micro café’, with a retail corner, a take-away counter, seating booths and even a space for workshops fitted into a small site area.

With such a compact space, the challenge was to balance the kitchen area and the customer zones—integrating coffee makers and kitchen equipment while making a comfortable space for both baristas and customers.

“The empty space in a coffee cup or matcha bowl was the form-giving inspiration for this café,” says the designer, Kevin Lim. A combination of circular geometries and negative space is carried consistently throughout the building form, carving out seating booths, countertops, display shelves and overhanging canopies.

The main concrete counter top was built from 11 separate custom-casted pieces. The same material is also used in the seating booths surrounding the counter top. The overall counter block is visually contiguous with the floor with an adjoining curved radii.

The entire volume is entirely holstered from the ceiling with no supports connecting the bottom counter top mass, giving a surreal lightness to the whole structure. The volume is also rendered in heavily textured stucco. The resultant aesthetics from subtractions and additions creates a massing that appears fluid, departing from any premeditated form or symbol of what a café should be like.

Project Name
Voids Café
Grace Espresso
River Valley, Singapore
Completion Date
August 2019
28 square metres
Interior Design Firm
Studio SKLIM
Kevin Lim; Ashwin Bafna; Svati Agrawal
Khoo Guo Jie; Studio SKLIM