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Over the past 50 years, productivity has declined in the construction industry. Complicated contracts, regulatory compliance, and the need for specialization have made project execution more challenging than ever before. Completing sophisticated projects requires deep coordination between teams as well as easy and quick access to all project information. But for much of the industry, tools have not been available to help teams deliver more efficiently.

The seminal question is: How do you ensure your teams execute the right plan at the right time, with the right information, producing the best result, on time and every day?

PlanGrid is a new breed of construction productivity software used on more than 1 million projects around the world.

PlanGrid increases team productivity by: streamlining document management and control, providing collaborators with easy access to all project information from any device, and enabling seamless collaboration. This leads to creating the most comprehensive record set for the entire construction and operations life cycle and consistently delivering on time and on budget.

PlanGrid is built for:

  • General Contractors
  • Owners
  • Specialty Contractors
  • …and any other member of the construction team

PlanGrid BIM on iPad- Access 2D/3D Model Properties From Anywhere

working on commercial, civil or infrastructure projects throughout the entire design, construction and operations life cycle.

Key Business Benefits

  1. Increase team productivity: By making the entire record set available to the entire job site and simplifying collaboration. These benefits save an average of five hours per employee per week. As a result, projects typically save $15,000 per licence per year, in time alone.
  2. Bid more competitively: Inefficiency, errors and rework are less frequent with tighter controls over the field’s access to all documents. Operational efficiency ties directly to the service fees a GC can bid with. PlanGrid allows General Contractors to either lower their bid to account for their efficiency or keep larger margins on a more conservative bid.
  3. Mitigate project risks throughout the life cycle: Good data leads to better decisions. When history is lost, it must be reconstructed at a cost. Preserving this archive yields long-term dividends for owners and operators. Contractors who execute on the collection and handover of project data provide huge value to owners, leading to repeat business by framing themselves as partners.
  4. Simplify compliance burden: Simplify compliance burden by making it easy for the whole team to maintain quick access to regulations and be aware of changes.

PlanGrid Sheet Compare on Mobile

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