The BCI Construction League – Showcasing Australia’s Top Construction Firms

Get to know the top performing builders in the Australian construction industry by downloading your copy of the report, here. 

In an industry unsettled by the events of the last two years, construction firms have continued to get projects off the ground, providing employment and creating opportunities. 

The BCI Construction League, presented in partnership with The Urban Developer, lists the top firms winning work across Australia, ranked by their total value of projects that commenced construction in 2021.   

The report details the total project count, total project value and average project value of each of the 50 firms listed. The top 10 firms, including Multiplex, ADCO Constructions and Deicorp, have been broken down further with project locations by state/territory and project sectors.  

As a global provider of pre-construction data and software solutions, BCI Central is uniquely placed to showcase the construction firms that have played a critical role in boosting the industry and economy.  

Michelle Aizenberg, Chief Research Officer at BCI Central, says:  

“For over 20 years, BCI has been talking to design and construction professionals to research and report upcoming projects. We are dedicated to improving transparency, innovation, efficiency and sustainability across the industry. 

“The construction sector has proved its resilience over the past two years as it overcomes challenges of staffing, sourcing products and long lead times, to meet our needs for a growing built environment and make a formidable contribution to the national economy. 

“We’re proud to be collaborating with The Urban Developer to deliver the BCI Construction League, and shine a light on the work of our top construction partners across Australia.” 

Download your free copy of the report, here. 

– Construction+ Online

Source: BCI Central

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