Surbana Jurong and industry leaders commit to developing Singapore’s first end-to-end decarbonisation process to combat climate change

Virtual MOU signing Ceremony for CCUS_ 2 Jul
Virtual MOU signing Ceremony for CCUS

Surbana Jurong and industry leaders at Keppel Data Centres, Chevron and Pan-United, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 2 July 2020 to collaborate and develop the first end-to-end decarbonisation process in Singapore.

Supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF), the collaboration aims to accelerate the development of a highly integrated clean and energy-efficient Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Sequestration (CCUS) technology that can contribute to a low-carbon economy and potential commercial developments for Singapore.

Under the MOU, the four companies will explore, identify and develop a cutting-edge carbon capture system, with novel technologies that utilise cryogens, membranes and hydrogen. They will combine their resource and knowledge with other research partners, both local and international, and Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to advance the development of the CCUS system.

“Investing in low-carbon R&D to drive cost-effective solutions is crucial for Singapore in its journey towards a low-emission economy. While Singapore, like the rest of the world, is still dependent on fossil fuels for its energy needs, technologies that enable efficient CCUS would help mitigate emissions greatly,” said, Low Teck Seng, the CEO of NRF.

He added that CCUS also presents opportunities for converting carbon dioxide into novel chemicals, materials and fuels, which offers a potential for growing new industries.

When commercially viable, the CCUS technologies are expected to reduce carbon intensity across all industry sectors and help Singapore halve its emissions from its peak to 33 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (33MtCO2e) by 2050, with a view to achieving net-zero emissions as soon as viable in the second half of the century.

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