Super Polyester Paint Technology – For Beautiful Colours That Last

Unforgiving weather conditions can be harsh to the steel exterior, leaving the building façades and roofs looking worn out and old. However, new developments have since been introduced, allowing for BlueScope to circumvent such problems.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, BlueScope was utilising the conventional silicone modified polyester (SMP) paint technology, similar to other coated steel manufacturers. SMP technology was used in coated steel as it was a better alternative as compared to the polyester paint system, which had poor durability. The blend of polyester and silicone in the SMP formula helped to improve the weather resistance of coated steel.

Over the years, the SMP formula was improved by adjusting the content of silicone in the paint. It was also this quality of SMP that contributed to the durability and the long-lasting colour of pre-painted steel. The formula still remains widely used today.

Yet, the development of SMP technology has reached a bottleneck and substantially slowed down over the past 20 years, while advancements made in the development of better polyester resins for enhanced durability have contributed to the birth of an improved polyester paint system. This paint system performs better in terms of making colours last longer.

This progress was taken one step further by BlueScope through working with paint suppliers to come up with the proprietary super polyester paint formula that is now used in its products. One such signature product would be COLORBOND1 steel.

Developed through an extensive research and development (R&D) process and actual field tests that included exposure to extreme weather elements, COLORBOND steel is coated with BlueScope’s proprietary super polyester paint technology that has been specially engineered with optimum paint formulation and pigments to ensure exceptional lasting colour stability. It is with no doubt that COLORBOND steel triumphs when compared to other pre-painted steel in areas such as weathering and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. The durability of COLORBOND steel is attributed to the ZINCALUME steel base substrate, which is steel coated with aluminium zinc alloy that helps to guard against corrosion.

An important component of the paint that influences the durability would be the top coat and the primer. BlueScope has set itself apart from the competition through extensive research by identifying the optimised coating layers that will work well together to ensure beautiful and longlasting colours for pre-painted steel products. The coating layers that contribute to the long-lasting appearance of COLORBOND steel include:
• A layer of chemical conversion that is applied to further enhance the adhesion.
• Additionally, a superior polyester primer is baked onto the surface.
• Lastly, BlueScope’s proprietary super polyester top coat is applied to ensure maximum protection while resisting paint peeling, chipping and cracking. At the same time, it also provides long-lasting colour.

All these factors work together to ensure that the aesthetics of thefaçades look fresher for longer.

The benefits of BlueScope’s proprietary paint system make it an ideal choice over the old SMP technology. The proprietary super polyester paint system is superior to SMP in the following aspects:
• Longer-lasting colour and gloss durability
• Better delamination and chalking resistance
• Superior stain resistance
• More affordable compared to SMP and standard polyester

Throughout the years, BlueScope has remained dedicated and committed to devising new solutions that will ensure the satisfaction of customers. With all the various advantages offered by BlueScope’s proprietary paint system, it is an ideal choice for building and application needs.

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