Schüco Docu Center

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The platform for working with Schüco documentation

The Schüco Docu Center allows direct access to all current Schüco manuals in a clear shelving structure. Comprehensive search functions facilitate searches in the technical manuals by means of catalogue filters, series filters, article number searches and term searches. Dynamic navigation is also available. The technical manuals have a high-resolution PDF display with a zoom feature and comprise bookmarks and size adjustable controls for all the manuals. A direct print function is also available so that paper copies of individual catalogue pages can still be printed. The catalogue software is operated by touchscreen, just like SchüCal.

Docu Center Web—can be used universally via a browser

The Schüco Docu Center Web is a browser application for stable Internet connections that can be used universally. The Schüco documentation is displayed digitally in your browser as a catalogue which you can leaf through. A separate installation is not required as the existing standard browser of the operating system is utilised. The application can be used in browsers to create individual compilation manuals and save or send them as PDFs. This solution is perfectly suited to every working situation, in particular job planning.

Docu Center Mobile – available at any time anywhere

The Schüco Docu Center Mobile App has been specially designed for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android operating systems. You can easily view and leaf through the Schüco product documentation or download it to your mobile end device, making it available even if there is no network reception. Another advantage is that users can compile an individual manual library of the documents they predominantly use. Documents which have already been downloaded can be updated automatically. The Schüco Docu Center Mobile App has been specially designed for mobile use, for example, on construction sites or in sales and consultation meetings.