Remains Tightly Sealed Even in Stormy Weather

Sliding windows and doors are all the trend worldwide. They bring light into living rooms or business premises, provide a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor areas and save space. Roto Patio Inowa, the smart hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems, now ensures a high degree of comfort.

The sashes can be moved easily even with heavy sashes up to 200 kilogrammes without any annoying grinding noises.

A storm outside and a feel-good climate indoors at all times Roto Patio Inowa is setting new standards when it comes to window and door tightness and is therefore ideal for use in high-rise buildings where high wind loads occur. This hardware has been tested and guaranteed to remain tightly sealed even in thunderstorms, where gusts of wind and torrential rain are hitting the glass and window frame directly. There is no trace of draughts or rattling sashes—thanks to this unique technology.

About the company
Since 1935, Roto has been contributing to the innovation and technological progress in system components for the construction industry, increasing the value added for individual and secure hardware systems. The company offers customised solutions that combine intelligent security, energy management and comfort in buildings. The roots are in Württemberg, Germany, with headquarters located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart.

Roto prioritises the needs and expectations of their customers, who are builders, project planners, architects, as well as window and door fabricators. With a broad corporate portfolio, the company is one of the leaders of the technological industry with a global presence. Roto offers numerous national competence and development centres around the world, which ensures an understanding of the challenges in specific markets to find practical solutions within short turnaround times. Services and products associated with the Roto name will meet German quality standards. وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد