Protection Against Mosquitoes For Interiors

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is a uniquely formulated coating with active ingredient encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. It offers consumers a safe and convenient solution to keep mosquitoes away and provides protective benefits to the community.

Key advantage
Instead of merely repelling mosquitoes, the active ingredient enters the mosquito when it lands on the painted surface and disrupts its nervous system, leading to paralysis and mortality.

Based on tests from an independent third party laboratory, mosquitoes exposed to Nippon Paint MozzieGuard achieved more than 90 per cent mortality.

Product features
Key features of the Nippon Paint MozzieGuard include:
• Excellent knockdown property against Aedes mosquitoes
• Durable and washable film
• Good stain resistance
• Good fungus and mould resistance
• Good hiding of wall imperfections
• Free from lead and mercury; low odour
• Easy application and touch-up
• DEET-free
• National Environment Agency (NEA) registered

Designed for interior use, Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is a two-in-one solution to protect homes from dengue while giving it a refreshed look. The low-odour paint is available in more than 1,000 colours with a soft sheen finish. It is best suited for new, internal surfaces or for repainting masonry surfaces, such as cement, plastered walls and fibre boards. It is also suitable on other properly primed surfaces and is effective for up to two years if the paint is intact.