Out of Sight

Out of Sight is a rest area for staff in Changi Airport Terminal 3, tucked away between the escalator and lift that leads to the MRT/Terminal 2. The amenity utilizes the voids in the area and takes the form of pods—three of them are elevated in the void next to elevator and two are located in front of the lift adjacent to each other. This space is designed to facilitate physical and mental rest, allowing users to detach completely from the crowd. At the same time, this should be disguised as an installation that adds dynamics to the dead spot.

Prior to the design phase, research was carried out to determine the concept. The staff at Changi Airport needed a rest area hidden from the public and suitable for large groups. Based on the site observation, the area between the lift and the escalator is the most suitable because it does not have a lot of foot traffic and there are voids.

The pods are made up of movable rectangular blocks in different lengths that users can reconfigure accordingly to cater to their needs. Users can push or pull the functional blocks to transform them into a bench or bed, a table and seats, or a high table. This brings about movement to the pods, making them look like a moving installation. The activities inside the pods are hidden from public view.

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Student Name
Emilia Lee
Sharmila Kanagalingam
Singapore Polytechnic Design School
Interior Design Studio
Project Name
Out of Sight
Project Year
Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore
Site Area
200 square metres