One Tat Seng

The project’s brief calls for a seven-storey industrial building that incorporates the company’s brand colour of green into the façade. To achieve this, a green visual interest was added as a second skin in the form of sun shading fins. Instead of using a full glass façade for this building as per the client’s suggestion, the designers decided that a recessed façade supported by overhangs is more suitable to allow for natural ventilation. They drew inspiration from tropical foliage to determine the proportion and colours of the fins.

The ledge supporting the sun shading fins were designed with sufficient walkway and safety hooks, so that the façade can be easily accessible from the different levels for cleaning. Two fire escape staircases were designed to service this building to adhere to the authorities’ safety requirements. The staircases’ landing become the main frontage of the building. The building’s lobby area has an open-space design to give access to pedestrians. A lush landscape perimeter along the walkway offers shade from the sun.


Project Name
One Tat Seng
One Tannery Lane, 347768 Singapore
Completion Date
June 2019
Site Area
729.5 square metres
Gross Floor Area
1823.7 square metres
Building Height
7 storeys
TS Corporation
Architecture Firm
Goy Architects
Principal Architects
Goy Zhenru; Kulap Loetmanlikaphorn
Interior Design Firm
Goy Architects
Principal Designers
Goy Zhenru; Kulap Loetmanlikaphorn
Civil & Structural Engineer
LSW Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd
Structural Engineers
Shirley Tan; Yong Woo Ching
MEP Engineer
EWC Engineers Pte Ltd
Principal MEP Engineers
Gina Lam; Alexis Yip
Quantity Surveyor
QS Consultants
Principal Surveyor
Desiree Chen
Landscape Architect
Saga Green
Principal Landscape Architect
Stephanie Gautama
Main Contractor
Qing Feng Construction Pte Ltd
Goy Architects; TS Corporation