Ninety-five more dormitories declared cleared of COVID-19

Singapore, 30 July 2020 – The cleared dormitories comprise one purpose-built dormitory (PBD), 78 factory-converted dormitories and 16 construction temporary quarters. In addition, 12 blocks for recovered workers (BRWs) in six PBDs have been cleared.

Of the 12 BRWs cleared per 29 July 2020, one is from Kian Teck Hostel. With this, the entire Kian Teck Hostel has been declared cleared of COVID-19. This takes the total number to 975 dormitories and 64 BRWs in 17 PBDs that have been cleared of COVID-19.

As of 28 July 2020, about 262,000 workers (approximately 85 per cent) have either recovered or have been tested negative. Many of them are staying in cleared dormitories or BRWs and can resume work once dormitory operators, employers and workers have made the necessary preparations to complete the three required steps that will help minimise the risk for new infections. Many dormitories complete the steps almost immediately, with almost all completing them in a week or less.

With more dormitories cleared, sector agencies are following up with companies, especially the contractors, to get ready to resume work soon. Employers may also wish to refer to the following advisories by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for the built environment sector.

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The Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST) are working closely with dormitory operators, employers and migrant workers to complete all the necessary steps and clear the remaining dormitories. Employers can refer to the MOM website for the latest list of cleared dormitories and dormitories to be cleared in the coming weeks.

– Construction+ Online

Source: Ministry of Manpower