New research centre to develop advanced waste-to-energy techniques and knowledge in Singapore

On 23 April 2018, JFE Engineering Corporation (JFE) hosted an Inauguration Ceremony for its Innovation Centre for Environmental Technology. The centre, supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), will see joint collaboration between JFE and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) in carrying out research activities in the area of Development of Advanced Utilisation Methodologies for Slagging Gasification.

Representatives from the National Environment Agency (NEA), EDB and NTU Singapore were in attendance to witness this event, which marks the culmination of a nearly two-year process in which both JFE and NTU engaged in extensive discussions on how to best synergise their resources and knowledge in order to best leverage NTU’s upcoming WtE Research Facility, the first plant in Singapore to feature JFE’s High-Temperature Slagging Gasification technology.

Singapore, with its limited land space, has been actively promoting efforts to reduce the volume of waste and residues, which are disposed of at Semakau Landfill. JFE’s High-Temperature Slagging Gasification technology has the ability to treat waste and reduce its volume efficiently, converting the incombustibles contained in the waste into high-quality slag and metal granulates. The slag can be used as secondary material for construction purposes, while the metal granulates can be recycled.

Through this Innovation Centre—the first of its kind for JFE outside Japan—JFE hopes to leverage Singapore as a test bed for its High-Temperature Slagging Gasification technology, and further develop its capabilities through the recycling of slag and metal as useful secondary material, as well as the treatment of various waste streams.

Together with NTU Singapore, JFE will study the treatment of diverse waste streams, including wastes like oils, industrial and medical wastes, sewage sludge from water reclamation plants, and incineration bottom ash from mass burn facilities in Singapore.

These varied types of waste pose significant challenges for treatment by the current waste management system as each of them has different hazardous characteristics (wastes like oils and medical waste), high moisture content (sewage sludge) and heavy metal content (incineration bottom ash).

As a leading engineering firm in the field of environmental solutions, JFE constantly seeks to contribute towards the creation of recycling-oriented societies worldwide. JFE believes Singapore is an ideal platform with the necessary technical capabilities and human capital to customise its technology for the local and Southeast Asian markets. Together with NTU and backed by its unparalleled experience and expertise, JFE aims to eventually scale up and showcase its technology on the global stage. — Construction+ Online