New certification scheme to recognise engineering technologists and technicians in Singapore

Image by Bannafarsai_Stock/Shutterstock

Singapore, 29 January 2021 – As part of its efforts to uplift professional recognition of engineering technicians and technologists, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) has unveiled the Chartered Engineering Technologist (CETg) and Technician (CETn) Certification Scheme, and recognised the first batch of chartered technologists and technicians under the scheme.

The scheme will open up a non-academic route for engineering technicians and technologists to move towards the chartered engineer status based on their technical skills and competences as well as work experience. Besides enhancing career opportunities, the scheme will also build a pool of engineering professionals with complementary skillsets to support Singapore’s increasingly innovation-driven economic growth.

To operationalise the scheme, the Chartered Engineering Technologist and Technician Accreditation Board (CETTAB) has also been set up, covering the registration, accreditation and quality assurance of the scheme. In addition to that, IES has recognised 84 chartered technologists and 46 chartered technicians from the built environment, land transport as well as water and environment sectors, as the pioneer batch of recipients under the scheme. Many of these qualified chartered technologists will also be appointed as the first batch of independent assessors for chartered technicians.

“As the national society of engineers in Singapore, IES has always strived to raise the status and profile of the engineering profession. This scheme brings us a step closer to our vision of building an inclusive engineering community, where all practitioners have the opportunity to learn and earn professional recognition while contributing to their organisations and industries, regardless of their level of academic qualifications,” said Dr Richard Kwok, President of IES.

The scheme is the fruit of development by more than 40 partners from the public and private sectors, government agencies, associations and Institutes of Higher Learning. It follows the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed for the National Engineering Career Progression Pathway for Technologists and Technicians in July 2019.

“With the support of several sector-based work groups, we have set up a rigorous competency-based framework, clear assessment criteria and a proficient accreditation board. Our aim is to recognise the technical competency level of CETg and CETn nationally and internationally. We urge all technicians and technologists to come forth to be chartered. It will open up new possibilities for their careers and enable them to make even greater contributions to our society,” said Tan Seng Chuan, Chairman of CETTAB.– Construction+ Online