NCID and Ng Teng Fong CHI wins three international awards for outstanding healthcare design

Image by CPG Consultants

Singapore, 25 October 2020 – The National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and Ng Teng Fong Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) won three award categories at two international healthcare design awards held recently.

Both projects, which were commissioned by the Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) and MOH Holdings (MOHH), and designed by CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, were presented the European Healthcare Design Awards 2020 (Winner of Healthcare Design Over 25,000 Square Metres; High Commendation of Design for Adaptation and Transformation); and the Design and Health International Academy Awards (High Commendation of International Health Project over 40,000 Square Metres).

NCID and CHI display high levels of sustainability and urban integration. Both facilities are built amidst the urban landscape, functioning effectively as independent entities while integrating with its environment. They are connected to the surrounding buildings of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTHS) and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine via link bridges and underpasses.

Additionally, both projects were highly commended in the Design for Adaptation and Transformation category, which lauded the facilities for its transformative ability in resolving the complex service design challenges often present in dealing with a major health crisis (the COVID-19 pandemic).

Yeang Hoong Goon, CEO of CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has put healthcare facilities to rigorous tests globally. NCID and CHI’s design wins are strong testaments to the effectiveness of these facilities. The awards are also an encouragement to Singapore’s current efforts in building resilience and the continued strengthening of the country’s medical preparedness.”

Prof Leo Yee Sin, Executive Director of the NCID, said, “The timely opening of NCID last year has enabled us to mount a coordinated and swift response to contribute to Singapore’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“NCID was built to be ready to adapt and respond to outbreaks of new and emerging infections. It is safe for our staff and patients, and integrated with TTSH for support and scale. We built CHI for the future to cater to changes in healthcare needs. The reasons are obvious as our demographics shift, and new social drivers of health emerge. The CHI immerses our healthcare professionals and innovation partners from academia and industry, local and overseas to co-learn, collaborate and co-create new models of care enabled by digitalisation and workforce transformation,” said Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh, CEO, TTSH and Central Health.

– Construction+ Online


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