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Innovation hotel Systems Suite By USG Boral



For anyone who takes pride in exceeding expectations in style, USG Boral offers a complete suite of solutions and support designed for first-class experiences—at your service.

Exterior wall and ceiling system

This flexible system is moisture- and mould-resistant, reducing the possibility of wall cracks and preventing water penetration.
Products include: DUROCK®, SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Sheathing

Fire Resistant System
This system meets fire resistance requirements, minimise fire risks, helps preven and contain fire so it does not spread to the rest of the building.
Products include: FireStop™, SECUROCK® Glass-Mat, ImpactStop™

Acoustic system
This system improves the acoustic performance of hotel function rooms and design.
Acoustic Absorption Products: Ensemble™, EchoStop®, USG Boral Acoustical Ceilings
Acoustic Insulation Products: SoundStop®, ImpactStop, FIBEROCK®

Wet-area system
This system meets wet-area requirements, minimizing moisture damage in areas such as restrooms and swimming pools.
Moisture Resistance: WetStop™, FireStop™ + WetStop™
Mould & Moisture Resistance:  FIBEROCK®, SECUROCK® Glass-Mat

Elevator and Services Shaftwall system
This system meets fire resistance requirements of hotel elevators, improving thermal property so that fire can be contained appropriately.
Products include: Shaftliner™, FireStop™, SHEETROCK® Glass-Mat Liner Panel Mold Tough™

Luxurious resort created on a remote paradise with USG Boral Drywall Systems

USG Boral solved logistic challenges for the Exterior and Interior of the 5-star Ayana Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach, Indonesia, covering various guest room types and facilities in the shortest time possible.


Architectural Support Services
Save your time and effort by tapping into our expertise. From creating draft specifications to offering design support, we do it all.

Technical Support Services
Standard solutions are not good enough for your project in hand? Our engineering team is just a phone call away. We will work with you and create bespoke solutions that meets the design needs of your hotel.

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