Highrise Village

The design concept of Highrise Village draws inspiration from foreign workers’ viewpoints about the need for a living space that is close to nature in Singapore. These workers mostly come from rural areas close to a river, a forest or a mountain in Thailand, India, Bangladesh, or China. In Singapore, they tend to go to places that have a similar ambience to make themselves feel closer to home. Therefore, this project could become an alternative residential space for them.

The designer adopts a traditional house concept from a small town, Chiang Rai, in Thailand. The project will use bamboo for the main structure because it is a familiar material and is strong, flexible and easy to harvest. The site will be located in Simpang Kiri for its pastoral characteristics that will align well with the project’s concept. The elevated structure will be built around the existing trees since chopping them off will endanger the preserved environment. In fact, the staircases will be structured to circumnavigate the trees in order to provide shading for the users, as well as to enhance the rural aesthetics.

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Student Name
Tai Jin Sim
School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
Diploma in Space and Interior Design
Alan KL Ong
Project Name
Highrise Village
Project Year
Simpang Kiri, Singapore
School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore