Heytea Daydreamer

Rows of lights that look like lighthouses
Rows of lights that look like lighthouses

Heytea Daydreamer is a tea shop/bar located in the historic district of Clark Quay, which used to be the busiest port in Singapore in the 19th century. Within the shop’s walking distance is a lighthouse situated on the Fort Canning Hill, from which the design inspiration of Heytea Daydreamer was drawn.

In the past, the lighthouse provided guidance to sailors and pilots, a beacon to navigate boats and ships to the seashore. Haytea Daydreamer translates this idea into a business concept; and this is subsequently reflected in its design. Situated on a busy street packed with dimly lit bars, the tea shop stands out as it gleams with white light.

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Project Name: HEYTEA Day Dreamer Project at Clarke Quay Singapore
Location: Block A, 3 River Valley Road, #01-06, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Completion Date: January 2019
Site Area: 250 square metres
Interior Design Firm: MOC DESIGN OFFICE
Principal Designers: Sam Liang; Vivi Wu