Guess & Win

Guess & Win

<strong>Terms & Conditions</strong>

1) The contest period will run from 4 April 2022 until 30 April 2022, 11:59PM (GMT+8). BCI Central as the organiser reserves the rights to change/cancel/extend the contest period without prior notice.

2) A total of 6 (six) winners who provide the correct answer will be drawn from the contest entries. First 3(three) winners will be announced after the first two weeks of the contest, while the remaining 3(three) winners will be announced after the contest ends. If there are more than 6(six) participants who answered correctly, the winners will be drawn randomly.

3) Eligibility: This contest is open to users of the app who reside within BCI Central operating countries only, namely: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAU, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Staff who work under BCI Central are not eligible to enter, including staff’s family members.

4) Winner announcements will be done through social media and the winners will also be individually notified by email. By entering this contest, you consent to your name being published on BCI Central or its business units’ social media.

5) There will be 2 rounds of winner announcement in this contest. Round 1 of winner announcement will be announced after 2 weeks of commencement date of this contest, while round 2 of the winner announcement will be announced after the contest ends. Each round of winner announcement shall reveal 1 winner for each prizes.

6) Due to currency differences, the voucher value of winners’ prizes might vary based on local currencies.

7) The type of cash voucher will be decided by the organiser and is not limited to any specific brand or form.
8) All prizes in this contest cannot be exchanged with cash or any forms of items with similar value.

9) The organiser may collect your data including e-mail addresses and other contact information for the purpose of offering our services in the future.

10) This contest is not sponsored by or affiliated with Apple in any way.

11) By submitting this participation form, you agree to bound by the above Terms and Conditions.

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