Five Reasons To Smile

The Daikin SMILE series is recognised as the highest energy efficiency rating of 5 Ticks, offering energy savings for your comfort and wallet.

5 Ticks highest energy efficiency
Using inverter technology changes the frequency of electric power, enabling capacity adjustment to provide superior performance. Designed to achieve the highest Singapore Energy Efficiency Standard, 5 Ticks energy-saving performance provides more savings with low standby power.

Strongest and quietest cooling power
The Daikin SMILE series has the strongest cooling capacity1 that requires a single outdoor unit to quickly cool up to five rooms. Operating at a sound level as low as 19dB2, the quietest in the industry, this ensures utmost comfort for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Super flexi-usage for future expansion or replacement
Developed to fit the home structure and lifestyle changes, the addition of indoor unit(s) to the system in future is made possible even without replacing the outdoor unit. The Daikin SMILE series provides hassle-free future expansion with flexibility of installing additional indoor unit(s) anytime via pre-piping. For replacement of existing units, the current pipe may be reused with the Daikin SMILE series to save installation time.

Smart control anytime and anywhere
The Daikin Mobile Controller is equipped with a range of intelligent functions, an option for you to control your air conditioner from everywhere via your smartphone. It gives you full control of core functions such as start/stop operation, as well as setting room temperature and weekly timer up to 42 actions per week.

Stylish award-winning design and compact
Awarded with the Good Design Award from Japan, the Daikin SMILE series harmonises any interior layout of the home. Not only is the indoor unit compact enough to be installed above the room door, the outdoor unit can also be easily installed through a narrow space.

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