East Coast Park

East Coast Park enjoys significant physical, social and cultural presence in the hearts of many locals and foreign visitors. The rejuvenation sought to achieve two things: firstly, to develop a comprehensive design guide ranging from urban design to wayfinding. This was to create a sustainable design identity that provides direction for downstream redevelopment works of the park and its wider surroundings. Secondly, three nodes along the coastal park were selected for redevelopment to embody these new guidelines and set the tone for the future of the park.

Central to the objective was to reduce and redistribute the commercial built-up area within the park so that more opportunities may be introduced for other park activities and landscaping—to promote interactions that respond to each site’s genius loci. This was also motivated by the need for increased visual connection to the sealine for commuters traveling along the abutting East Coast Parkway expressway. The brief also required careful incorporation of existing flora and the reuse of existing services and built structures. In doing so, the development is Greener and the fond memories that park over the decades could be retained.

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Project Name
East Coast Park Rejuvenation
1110 East Coast Parkway, Singapore
Completion Date
March 2021
Site Area
Coast Playgrove: 45,120.91 square metres
Raintree Cove: 25,420.59 square metres
Cyclist Park: 53,792.43 square metres
Total Site Area: 124,333.93 square metres
Gross Floor Area (GFA)
Coastal Playgrove: 3,438.40 square metres
Raintree Cove: 511.60 square metres
Cyclist Park: 1,415.51 square metres
Total GFA: 5,365.51 square metres
National Parks Board
Architecture Firm
RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
Consulting Engineer
HS Engineering Consultants
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Squire Mech
Quantity Surveyor
Arcadis Singapore
Landscape Architect
Coen Design International
Main Contractor
Union Contractors (Singapore)
Street Furniture
Clear Channel Singapore
Goldfield Construction
Xcel Coat
Resource Contracts
G Star Engineering
Sanitary, Plumbing & Drainage
G Star Engineering
Madeni Jais