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Dwp Office

The expanded foyer and the open-plan office
The expanded foyer and the open-plan office

Moving to a new office, the architecture and design firm took the opportunity to walk the talk on digital transformation to convert a conventional office into an agile working environment. The ultimate goal was for the office to not only become an enviable setting for their clients to emulate, but also to show how digital transformation and the use of cloud-based systems could reinvent the way business is done.

Rather than gradually phasing out papers and analogue systems, the move was more transformational. The process has opened a gate to freedom from repetitive analogue processes and enabled more creativity and better services for the clients. With the new wireless system, the team can now work from almost anywhere in the premises. Every legacy system, including file storage, communications and design tools have been digitalised. With this, dwp’s specialists based in the Melbourne studio can collaborate with the project teams in the Dubai studio. Engineers in Singapore can join in a briefing update delivered by an operator in Boston. With an online digital 3D model as a single source of data, everyone has access to one another and to all relevant information.

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Project names:
dwp Office
Bangkok, Thailand
Completion Date:
October 2018
Site Area:
1,245 square metres
Building Height:
1 storey
Number of Unit:
1 unit
Interior Design Firm:
Principal Designer:
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer:
WEP Engineering Partners Co Ltd
Main Contractor:
Cre-Ful Co Ltd; VTEC Decor Co Ltd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor:
Cre-Ful Co Ltd; VTEC Decor Co Ltd
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