A Digital Solution For The Construction Market

Construction projects are increasingly incorporating a central platform of Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes integrated with systems of digital sensors, intelligent machines, mobile devices and new software applications. The BIM process helps to identify potential design clashes and constructability issues at the design and engineering stage, avoiding costly corrective rework. It also facilitates a more transparent and accessible exchange of information, enabling designers and engineers to access their projects anytime and anywhere, so that they can be efficient and productive on the go.

Productivity challenges
In Singapore, developers are faced with continuing restrictions on foreign labour, which results in increased manpower costs and a limited pool of local talent. BIM and automation technology can assist in a move towards more prefabrication by moving routine labour to a safer, more efficient factory environment.

Advantages of technology
Technology makes information easily accessible on- and off-site, eliminating the necessity of travelling to the project site for progress updates. It improves communication, especially at the design stage or for site maintenance. It also fosters greater creativity in designers and engineers, who can then go on to develop and construct Green buildings.

With improvements in technology, real-time data collection increases productivity by accelerating the flow of information between various project stakeholders. Information that is normally shared once a week, on paper, can now be done in real-time. This also enables collaboration among staff in different departments and helps managers meet documentation and compliance requirements on time and accurately, reducing potential for penalties and saving time.

Predictive analytics for construction
FINALCAD provides mobile apps and predictive analytics that allow contractors, architects and developers to anticipate and fix issues found during a building’s life cycle. FINALCAD increases quality, as well as reduces construction costs and delays.

Since 2011, FINALCAD has helped to deliver more than 12,000 projects in 35 countries. By extracting the relevant information from a digital model for use on the construction site and then retrofitting enriched data back, FINALCAD can challenge the ‘as-planned’ model with the ‘as-built’ model.

FINALCAD is integrated with major BIM solutions and has been a member of buildingSMART since 2015. FINALCAD also utilises predictive analytics by mining data to improve productivity (such as automated object recognition), identify deadline overruns, common factors in the best- or worst-performing projects, supply chain partner process performance metrics and more.

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