Digital Innovation Hub: Taking smart building technologies for a test drive

By Steve Perkins

Buildings are changing from mere physical spaces that we inhabit to intelligent environments that automatically adapt to our needs and teach us the best ways to operate them. New digital building technologies allow owners to increase their operational efficiency, improve productivity and comfort, and expand the range of services.

But smart building systems are complex, so it is critical to separate technologies that provide value from just shiny toys. To do so, we need continuous engagement with research and development teams of leading technology vendors; observe these solutions in operation through building study tours; and perhaps adopt emerging technologies in our own office so that we may, through the delivery processes, walk a mile in our client’s shoes.

One way to do this is by establishing and operating a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) to road test a range of technologies, including augmented and virtual reality systems; Internet of Things (IoT) sensors; and indoor environmental quality monitors. In this sand box environment, we can collaborate with technology industry leaders to truly understand tomorrow’s smart buildings solutions, as both a user and a consultant.

A case study presented here is the test ride of smart lightings, that has given us invaluable insights and allowed us to build the mindsets, platforms and resources needed to innovate on bigger scale.

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Steve Perkins is Beca’s Senior Technical Director with over 25 years’ experience in building services engineering. He has worked in Singapore for the past eleven years and prior to that he lived and worked in Toronto, Surabaya, Melbourne and Auckland. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree with first class honours from Auckland University, and is a Singapore Professional Engineer. Steve leads Beca’s Smart Buildings Technology team and works on projects across the Asia Pacific region to implement next generation digital technology solutions on buildings projects. وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد