Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten

Creche Ropponmatsu is a kindergarten located in a residential area in the city of Fukuoka, Japan. It has a capacity for 90 children, aged between zero to five years old. Tokyo-based French architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux designed the architecture, interior space, logos and graphical signage, with a vision to open a new kindergarten where children can grow up freely in mind and body. Running behind the colourful grove, this kindergarten gives opportunity for children to heighten sensibility by encountering many colours wherever they are.

The collection of colours jumps into the eyes at one glance, as many colours are used in the façade and the interior space. On the façade, there are 22 colours used in 63 multicoloured trees that are 4 metres in height. The branches extend rhythmically and wrap the building, which is a steel structure. The full-height glass provides a feeling of openness by wrapping it with colourful trees. In the nursery room, 200 colourful boxes in 25 colours are lined up on the wall—one for every child to store their personal belongings.

The stairs that connect the four floors use 18 colours, with the colours of the wall changing as the children travel up and down the stairs. The colourful trees are also incorporated in the logo of the kindergarten. The logo is also used on other areas, such as children’s uniforms and bus, to give a sense of unity.

Spending time in a colourful environment helps to maximise the sensitivity of children and bring out the personality of each child. The kindergarten wishes to develop the sensibility and individuality of children by surrounding them with many colours.

Project Name: Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten
Location: 2 Chome-15-5 Kusagae, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
Completion Date: April 2017
Site Area: 417.48 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 697.40 square metres (ground floor: 216.92 square metres, first floor: 222.03 square metres, second floor: 222.03 square metres, third floor: 36.42 square metres)
Building Height: 4 storeys
Client: Kusagae-en Social Welfare Corporation
Architecture Firm: Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Principal Architect: Emmanuelle Moureaux
Space & Signage: Emmanuelle Moureaux (emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design)
Civil & Structural Engineer: Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Lighting Consultant: Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Metal Architecture Contractor: Kikukawa Kogyo Co Ltd
Images: Daisuke Shima