Chinatown Heritage Centre to undergo enhancement works until April 2021

Image by Chinatown Heritage Centre Pte Ltd

Singapore, 15 September 2020 — The Singapore Tourism Board announced that the Chinatown Heritage Centre is closed until April 2021 to undergo renovation and enhancement works. Members of the public can still visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre website and social media pages to shop for cultural keepsakes.

First opened in 2002, Chinatown Heritage Centre has been a key gateway for visitors to understand the Chinatown story, with its rich collection of personal stories and enriching programmes that provide an intimate and accurate portrayal of Chinatown, from its early days as a Chinese migrant settlement to today’s vibrant heritage precinct.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) first embarked on a rejuvenation of the centre in October 2014 to strengthen the content and presentation style so as to better bring alive the precinct’s heritage. The key changes included:

  • a more comprehensive story narrative that goes beyond the 1960s;
  • more in-depth collection of personal stories from the Chinatown community;
  • a deeper exploration of Chinatown’s multi-ethnicity, clan associations, nightlife and heritage businesses; as well as
  • enhanced multisensory features in the form of soundscapes, multimedia content, interactive story panels, olfactory experience and mood lighting.

A new space had also been set aside to hold temporary exhibitions and community events, thus establishing the centre as a key platform for community engagement. The rejuvenation of the centre was part of STB’s overall enhancement efforts for Chinatown, which included the rejuvenation of Chinatown Food Street and the launch of free Wi-Fi. The Centre has been operated by the Chinatown Heritage Centre Pte Ltd since its official reopening on January 2016.

The current enhancement aims to rectify maintenance issues and enhance the visitor experience with stronger narratives and presentations.

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Source: Singapore Tourism Board